Monster Stats


 Used up in training and village raids.

 Recovered with rest, cake, and potions.

 Depending on the monster, it refills faster or slower. Potions always recover 25 HP, no matter the monster.


Represents hunger, your monsters need to eat! 

Recovered with monster feed and cake.

If hunger reaches zero, the monster's HP will drain, and won't regenerate on its own anymore, but potions still heal. Starvation won't produce faster aging.


Affected by age and evolutionary stage. 

Reduced by going to the toilet. 

Increased with cake and monster feed.

If the weight of your monster reaches the weight of the library stats, the monster is considered overweight, and will age 3 additional seconds for every second that passes, for a total of 4 seconds. The toadstool item adds another 10 seconds per second for a total of 14 if that was the case.


Influences monsters' POW and INT 

Build up EXP in training and watch your monsters' levels grow!

If the intention is to have powerful monsters, it's better to train them before they reach their last form, then use them for raids.


Influences how successful your raids are (+60gold/min per point).


 Influences the tower's general magic power.

 As this increases, rarer heroes and eggs will appear!

 Also, affects gold drops from the heroes, with more the more INT you have.